Monroe Bliss Review

I’ve been so lucky to be chosen as a tester! Many exciting things are comming in,  and my first was Monroe Bliss by Woven Bliss!

You seriously need to check this out! Its just released on a draw, and i wish i knew about it then. Woven Bliss is a brand i never heard about before the tester. I know now that it has its fans, but i just was not aware. You can find them on Facebook: Woven Bliss, and their chattergroup – Woven Bliss Chatter.

The wrap i tested, Monroe Bliss, is a 100% Cotton wrap. It has these gorgeous colors, both in the front and the back – turquoise with white pattern in the front, and white with turquoise on the back. The pattern is what made me just have to test this wrap! Its Diamonds! I love Diamonds! It really make this wrap stand out! The only thing i would have liked was better contured pattern in the front of the wrap, the blue side. The Diamonds feels a little “Fuzzy” in the edges and it does not pop as well as on the back side. I liked the backside a lot, so i also weared it that way!

monroe bliss

Isnt it beautiful?

It came to me first in the testerround, and it had just been washed, so it was a little stiff. I did all i could to soften it; braided it, wore it, sat on it, but it was not all that much better when it left me. Im guessing this one needs some braking in!

Monroe bliss 2

Besides that its really strong, and held my 12 kilos boy both in the front and on the back with NO problems. I walked for hours with him in the front, and no hurt on the neck or shoulders. So its definitly a wrap for the bigger babies and toddlers even if its “just” cotton.

I would buy this if i was looking for  a budget wrap! I think the price was 110 pounds for a size 6, and that is a really good price! You get a lot of wrap for your money here!

Loved it!

monroe bliss 4

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