“How long can you carry him?”

Ever gotten that question?? My mom was at our place a cuple days ago, and she looked at my stash (i was going on about selling some of them haha!), and she looked at me and said: “But you can’t carry him much longer, can you? He is getting so heavy!”. I think i just looked at her like she was from another planet! Im sorry mom, but im carrying him ’til he’s 18! (or maybe not that long, but hey!). Too Heavy?? What?? Mine is “just” 12 kilos. That’s not to heavy! You just have to have the right “equitment” 🙂 I don’t have the same wraps as when he was a squish – that’s right! Now I have a stash that’s suited for a toddler! And there is a LOT to choose from! I don’t think People outside the community can understand how much really 😉 SO much pretty things, and SO much more I want to try! Carry him? Oh yes, i’m going to carry him as long as he want’s to! I love it, and i’m not going to stop because he’s getting a bit older! (By the way, he is just almost 14 months! I have A LOT of carrying left!!  I hope!!).


What do you say when people start meddeling? Good answers are recived with thanks here!

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