Witch wrap do you miss the most?

I’ve bought and sold a lot of wraps over the last 11 months. I want to try it all, and i’ve had the pleasure of owning many. I know my way down the rabbithole started when i bought my first wrap over 1000 NOK. When i first had gone over that milestone (for  me), the money has been loose, and the hunt so much fun! I dont know how many wraps ive had, but i keep pressuring myself to sell some 🙂 And when you do that sometimes you regret the sale right? I do! The wrap on the picture is one of my boomerangs! QART – Queen Annes Revenge Topsail! Ive had it in a 4, a 6 and now it came back to me in a trade as a 5! I love it, but i keep selling it because i love others more somehow. Ive done the same with Mr Wonderland Allure as well lately! I sold it, and bought back the excact same wrap! I’m laughing of my self right now! But yes, sometimes i miss my wraps and i have to bring them back again! Arent we all like that?? Witch ones do you miss the most?

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