Stash Shot Saturday!

Ok, this saturday i have gotten around to getting a new photo! Lining them up – looking good!

From the top left:

Banjara Cotton Cloud 3

Owls Saffron 6

Mr Wonderland Allure 6

Gem Aquamarine 6

Gem Spirit Quartz 7

Owls Rose Rennaisance 7


From the top right:

Erebor Fili 4

Owls Onyx 4


Gem Carnelian 5

Raw Tyger 6

Ipomee Fog 6

Banjara Nebula 7

And then the two RSes:


Raw Tyger


And Gem Opal is on holiday! Hoping he is getting really fat and soft!

All the wraps on the left + QART and Always (I think!!) is for sale at the moment… I cant have 16 wraps, i dont get to use them all as much as i want to! Downsizing here we come!

Did your stash shot today?

Monroe Bliss Review

I’ve been so lucky to be chosen as a tester! Many exciting things are comming in,  and my first was Monroe Bliss by Woven Bliss!

You seriously need to check this out! Its just released on a draw, and i wish i knew about it then. Woven Bliss is a brand i never heard about before the tester. I know now that it has its fans, but i just was not aware. You can find them on Facebook: Woven Bliss, and their chattergroup – Woven Bliss Chatter.

The wrap i tested, Monroe Bliss, is a 100% Cotton wrap. It has these gorgeous colors, both in the front and the back – turquoise with white pattern in the front, and white with turquoise on the back. The pattern is what made me just have to test this wrap! Its Diamonds! I love Diamonds! It really make this wrap stand out! The only thing i would have liked was better contured pattern in the front of the wrap, the blue side. The Diamonds feels a little “Fuzzy” in the edges and it does not pop as well as on the back side. I liked the backside a lot, so i also weared it that way!

monroe bliss

Isnt it beautiful?

It came to me first in the testerround, and it had just been washed, so it was a little stiff. I did all i could to soften it; braided it, wore it, sat on it, but it was not all that much better when it left me. Im guessing this one needs some braking in!

Monroe bliss 2

Besides that its really strong, and held my 12 kilos boy both in the front and on the back with NO problems. I walked for hours with him in the front, and no hurt on the neck or shoulders. So its definitly a wrap for the bigger babies and toddlers even if its “just” cotton.

I would buy this if i was looking for  a budget wrap! I think the price was 110 pounds for a size 6, and that is a really good price! You get a lot of wrap for your money here!

Loved it!

monroe bliss 4

Witch wrap do you miss the most?

I’ve bought and sold a lot of wraps over the last 11 months. I want to try it all, and i’ve had the pleasure of owning many. I know my way down the rabbithole started when i bought my first wrap over 1000 NOK. When i first had gone over that milestone (for  me), the money has been loose, and the hunt so much fun! I dont know how many wraps ive had, but i keep pressuring myself to sell some 🙂 And when you do that sometimes you regret the sale right? I do! The wrap on the picture is one of my boomerangs! QART – Queen Annes Revenge Topsail! Ive had it in a 4, a 6 and now it came back to me in a trade as a 5! I love it, but i keep selling it because i love others more somehow. Ive done the same with Mr Wonderland Allure as well lately! I sold it, and bought back the excact same wrap! I’m laughing of my self right now! But yes, sometimes i miss my wraps and i have to bring them back again! Arent we all like that?? Witch ones do you miss the most?

SSS – stash shot saturday!

Things fly in and out here and im trying to keep up! Im always bad at taking stash shots, because i feel like im always waiting for something, so i want to wait! Last saturday i got to get a photo, and it was so pretty im posting it here now – because, of course, i havent taken another today! Maybe tomorrow? 🙂

Stash Sale!!

Sales posts are the best, arent they? I can look at sales pages for wraps all day long! I love knowing whats out there, witch blends, witch colors, witch brands! Its all so exciting and fun! We have our own sales page here in Norway – kjøp og salg bæretøy – and im probably on there 10 times a day! Its not that i need to buy anything – actually rather the oposite! But i love looking! And i love shopping – who am I kidding! I think my #ownallthewraps is a little because im not planning on having more children. If i was, i could let a beautiful wrap go thinking i can always try that later – but now i need to try it before my baby wont wrap anymore 🙂 Im still laughing, but its the truth!

Ive said before that i try not to have to many at the time, i really just want to use them all, and thats not going to happen when you have 16… So i pressure myself to sell sometimes, and now its time again! See the wraps on the Picture? They are all for sale! Love them all to bits, but i have to prioritize! And stop shopping! This time im hoping to keep it to 10 wraps.

Top to bottom:

Minako Umi Calm RS (just 5 where maid of this wrap total!), Orscha Starry Night Raven (sold!), Minako Gem Aquamarine 6, Linuschka Owls Saffron 6 (Luxus blend!), Kokadi Mr Wonderland Allure 6 (my boomerang buhuu….), Linuschka Owls Rose Rennaisance 7 (wonderfully soft!) and Minako Gem Spirit Quartz 7 (the wrap that was made for admins in the chattergroups! Very Limited!).

If youre interessted in any of them, just leave a comment, or send me an email:! I’ll try not to boomerang them this time!

Do you have a limit to how many wraps at a time? What do you do when it starts to pile up?


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