Stash Shot Saturday!

Ok, this saturday i have gotten around to getting a new photo! Lining them up – looking good!

From the top left:

Banjara Cotton Cloud 3

Owls Saffron 6

Mr Wonderland Allure 6

Gem Aquamarine 6

Gem Spirit Quartz 7

Owls Rose Rennaisance 7


From the top right:

Erebor Fili 4

Owls Onyx 4


Gem Carnelian 5

Raw Tyger 6

Ipomee Fog 6

Banjara Nebula 7

And then the two RSes:


Raw Tyger


And Gem Opal is on holiday! Hoping he is getting really fat and soft!

All the wraps on the left + QART and Always (I think!!) is for sale at the moment… I cant have 16 wraps, i dont get to use them all as much as i want to! Downsizing here we come!

Did your stash shot today?

SSS – stash shot saturday!

Things fly in and out here and im trying to keep up! Im always bad at taking stash shots, because i feel like im always waiting for something, so i want to wait! Last saturday i got to get a photo, and it was so pretty im posting it here now – because, of course, i havent taken another today! Maybe tomorrow? 🙂

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