Review LunaLove Terzetto Grass

I had this wrap some weeks ago as a tester. Me and my now 15 months old (12 kilo!!) got to have this over a good week, and i must say i’m impressed!

It came to me as the first of a bunch of testers, so it was relatively New (only washed and tried on a couple of times), but still it was SO soft! Its 100% Cotton, and REALLY thin, but that just made it easier to wrap with. My go to knot with a long wrap (this was a sz 6), is eighter FWCC for bedtime or naps or DH for walking/up and about. I tried them both in this wrap, and specially DH was great in this!

Terzetto Grass 2

The wrap is so thin as i said, so its easy to get into the layers, and its a little smooth, so it kind of glides in to it, but at the same time, the most impressing about it was that it is SO strong! I would never think that this would hold my 12 kilos as easy as it did, but he felt waitless. In a SO thin wrap! Im kind of amazed by that!

I know this comes in more colors – Terzetto Orange is more my color, but i still have’nt bought it, becouse i just cant really seem to like the pattern all that well. It looks a bit to abstract for me. I really love the wrap qualities, and i love the color on Orange, so i might have to reconsider! 🙂

I would say this is a wrap both for toddler and squish! Its so soft and thin it can wrap a newborn, but it holds a horse! Its not sagging a bit, not even on long trips, but i did feel i had to do a double knot. Its easy to tighten, and it has just the right amount of streach (=not to much!).

I loved having it visiting – and you should really check it out!

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