Our history

My little one is born 15. april 2016. He did not want to be alone much during the day, and my husbond was going back to work, so i needed to figure out how i could get around and do stuff, with a baby that just wanted to be near me all the time ❤ I also have another son, a now 11 year old, who needed attention, and as much as i loved sitting in the sofa with this little wonderfull new ting of mine, i had to find another solution.

I had carried my first son in a Babybjorn buckle, and i admit we also carried him front out 🙂 We did not know all that much back then, at least i didnt, i didnt even know wovens excisted! This time i tried the Babybjorn, and we both hated it – so i was on the lookout for something else. I got a cuple of elastic wraps of a sales page called Finn.no in Norway, from someone that really did not know anything about them, just like me (i think the one that sold me the Moby wrap said something like “i just want it gone!”), and i tried to make sense out of them. I told my sister that i was trying this out, and she introduced me to Norsk Bæregruppe, a group of babywrapping moms and dads on facebook, living all over Norway. And that was it. I was hoocked!

I mostley used the Moby, but he got heavy fast, and i started looking at woven wraps. I also thought i needed a buckle, so in july i got my first woven – a Ellevill wrap – and a ergonomic full buckle. I loved it! I was so excited! And down the rabbit hole we went 🙂 🙂 🙂

I love wrapping. I love having him close to me. I love the way he relaxes when he comes so near. How he sleeps close, so close. It feels like im giving him hugs all the time while im doing things! He still wants to be with me, and he loves to come up and see the world from my perspective. He can be with me, and not be down on the floor, frustrated. Its such a good deal for us both ❤

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