Review LunaLove Terzetto Grass

I had this wrap some weeks ago as a tester. Me and my now 15 months old (12 kilo!!) got to have this over a good week, and i must say i’m impressed!

It came to me as the first of a bunch of testers, so it was relatively New (only washed and tried on a couple of times), but still it was SO soft! Its 100% Cotton, and REALLY thin, but that just made it easier to wrap with. My go to knot with a long wrap (this was a sz 6), is eighter FWCC for bedtime or naps or DH for walking/up and about. I tried them both in this wrap, and specially DH was great in this!

Terzetto Grass 2

The wrap is so thin as i said, so its easy to get into the layers, and its a little smooth, so it kind of glides in to it, but at the same time, the most impressing about it was that it is SO strong! I would never think that this would hold my 12 kilos as easy as it did, but he felt waitless. In a SO thin wrap! Im kind of amazed by that!

I know this comes in more colors – Terzetto Orange is more my color, but i still have’nt bought it, becouse i just cant really seem to like the pattern all that well. It looks a bit to abstract for me. I really love the wrap qualities, and i love the color on Orange, so i might have to reconsider! 🙂

I would say this is a wrap both for toddler and squish! Its so soft and thin it can wrap a newborn, but it holds a horse! Its not sagging a bit, not even on long trips, but i did feel i had to do a double knot. Its easy to tighten, and it has just the right amount of streach (=not to much!).

I loved having it visiting – and you should really check it out!

“How long can you carry him?”

Ever gotten that question?? My mom was at our place a cuple days ago, and she looked at my stash (i was going on about selling some of them haha!), and she looked at me and said: “But you can’t carry him much longer, can you? He is getting so heavy!”. I think i just looked at her like she was from another planet! Im sorry mom, but im carrying him ’til he’s 18! (or maybe not that long, but hey!). Too Heavy?? What?? Mine is “just” 12 kilos. That’s not to heavy! You just have to have the right “equitment” 🙂 I don’t have the same wraps as when he was a squish – that’s right! Now I have a stash that’s suited for a toddler! And there is a LOT to choose from! I don’t think People outside the community can understand how much really 😉 SO much pretty things, and SO much more I want to try! Carry him? Oh yes, i’m going to carry him as long as he want’s to! I love it, and i’m not going to stop because he’s getting a bit older! (By the way, he is just almost 14 months! I have A LOT of carrying left!!  I hope!!).


What do you say when people start meddeling? Good answers are recived with thanks here!

Stash Shot Saturday!

Ok, this saturday i have gotten around to getting a new photo! Lining them up – looking good!

From the top left:

Banjara Cotton Cloud 3

Owls Saffron 6

Mr Wonderland Allure 6

Gem Aquamarine 6

Gem Spirit Quartz 7

Owls Rose Rennaisance 7


From the top right:

Erebor Fili 4

Owls Onyx 4


Gem Carnelian 5

Raw Tyger 6

Ipomee Fog 6

Banjara Nebula 7

And then the two RSes:


Raw Tyger


And Gem Opal is on holiday! Hoping he is getting really fat and soft!

All the wraps on the left + QART and Always (I think!!) is for sale at the moment… I cant have 16 wraps, i dont get to use them all as much as i want to! Downsizing here we come!

Did your stash shot today?

Monroe Bliss Review

I’ve been so lucky to be chosen as a tester! Many exciting things are comming in,  and my first was Monroe Bliss by Woven Bliss!

You seriously need to check this out! Its just released on a draw, and i wish i knew about it then. Woven Bliss is a brand i never heard about before the tester. I know now that it has its fans, but i just was not aware. You can find them on Facebook: Woven Bliss, and their chattergroup – Woven Bliss Chatter.

The wrap i tested, Monroe Bliss, is a 100% Cotton wrap. It has these gorgeous colors, both in the front and the back – turquoise with white pattern in the front, and white with turquoise on the back. The pattern is what made me just have to test this wrap! Its Diamonds! I love Diamonds! It really make this wrap stand out! The only thing i would have liked was better contured pattern in the front of the wrap, the blue side. The Diamonds feels a little “Fuzzy” in the edges and it does not pop as well as on the back side. I liked the backside a lot, so i also weared it that way!

monroe bliss

Isnt it beautiful?

It came to me first in the testerround, and it had just been washed, so it was a little stiff. I did all i could to soften it; braided it, wore it, sat on it, but it was not all that much better when it left me. Im guessing this one needs some braking in!

Monroe bliss 2

Besides that its really strong, and held my 12 kilos boy both in the front and on the back with NO problems. I walked for hours with him in the front, and no hurt on the neck or shoulders. So its definitly a wrap for the bigger babies and toddlers even if its “just” cotton.

I would buy this if i was looking for  a budget wrap! I think the price was 110 pounds for a size 6, and that is a really good price! You get a lot of wrap for your money here!

Loved it!

monroe bliss 4

Our history

My little one is born 15. april 2016. He did not want to be alone much during the day, and my husbond was going back to work, so i needed to figure out how i could get around and do stuff, with a baby that just wanted to be near me all the time ❤ I also have another son, a now 11 year old, who needed attention, and as much as i loved sitting in the sofa with this little wonderfull new ting of mine, i had to find another solution.

I had carried my first son in a Babybjorn buckle, and i admit we also carried him front out 🙂 We did not know all that much back then, at least i didnt, i didnt even know wovens excisted! This time i tried the Babybjorn, and we both hated it – so i was on the lookout for something else. I got a cuple of elastic wraps of a sales page called in Norway, from someone that really did not know anything about them, just like me (i think the one that sold me the Moby wrap said something like “i just want it gone!”), and i tried to make sense out of them. I told my sister that i was trying this out, and she introduced me to Norsk Bæregruppe, a group of babywrapping moms and dads on facebook, living all over Norway. And that was it. I was hoocked!

I mostley used the Moby, but he got heavy fast, and i started looking at woven wraps. I also thought i needed a buckle, so in july i got my first woven – a Ellevill wrap – and a ergonomic full buckle. I loved it! I was so excited! And down the rabbit hole we went 🙂 🙂 🙂

I love wrapping. I love having him close to me. I love the way he relaxes when he comes so near. How he sleeps close, so close. It feels like im giving him hugs all the time while im doing things! He still wants to be with me, and he loves to come up and see the world from my perspective. He can be with me, and not be down on the floor, frustrated. Its such a good deal for us both ❤

Witch wrap do you miss the most?

I’ve bought and sold a lot of wraps over the last 11 months. I want to try it all, and i’ve had the pleasure of owning many. I know my way down the rabbithole started when i bought my first wrap over 1000 NOK. When i first had gone over that milestone (for  me), the money has been loose, and the hunt so much fun! I dont know how many wraps ive had, but i keep pressuring myself to sell some 🙂 And when you do that sometimes you regret the sale right? I do! The wrap on the picture is one of my boomerangs! QART – Queen Annes Revenge Topsail! Ive had it in a 4, a 6 and now it came back to me in a trade as a 5! I love it, but i keep selling it because i love others more somehow. Ive done the same with Mr Wonderland Allure as well lately! I sold it, and bought back the excact same wrap! I’m laughing of my self right now! But yes, sometimes i miss my wraps and i have to bring them back again! Arent we all like that?? Witch ones do you miss the most?

SSS – stash shot saturday!

Things fly in and out here and im trying to keep up! Im always bad at taking stash shots, because i feel like im always waiting for something, so i want to wait! Last saturday i got to get a photo, and it was so pretty im posting it here now – because, of course, i havent taken another today! Maybe tomorrow? 🙂

Stash Sale!!

Sales posts are the best, arent they? I can look at sales pages for wraps all day long! I love knowing whats out there, witch blends, witch colors, witch brands! Its all so exciting and fun! We have our own sales page here in Norway – kjøp og salg bæretøy – and im probably on there 10 times a day! Its not that i need to buy anything – actually rather the oposite! But i love looking! And i love shopping – who am I kidding! I think my #ownallthewraps is a little because im not planning on having more children. If i was, i could let a beautiful wrap go thinking i can always try that later – but now i need to try it before my baby wont wrap anymore 🙂 Im still laughing, but its the truth!

Ive said before that i try not to have to many at the time, i really just want to use them all, and thats not going to happen when you have 16… So i pressure myself to sell sometimes, and now its time again! See the wraps on the Picture? They are all for sale! Love them all to bits, but i have to prioritize! And stop shopping! This time im hoping to keep it to 10 wraps.

Top to bottom:

Minako Umi Calm RS (just 5 where maid of this wrap total!), Orscha Starry Night Raven (sold!), Minako Gem Aquamarine 6, Linuschka Owls Saffron 6 (Luxus blend!), Kokadi Mr Wonderland Allure 6 (my boomerang buhuu….), Linuschka Owls Rose Rennaisance 7 (wonderfully soft!) and Minako Gem Spirit Quartz 7 (the wrap that was made for admins in the chattergroups! Very Limited!).

If youre interessted in any of them, just leave a comment, or send me an email:! I’ll try not to boomerang them this time!

Do you have a limit to how many wraps at a time? What do you do when it starts to pile up?


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